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New energy vehicles: Electric Passenger Vehicles, Electric Light Vehicles, Electric Commercial Vehicles, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Other Vehicles, etc.;

Energy and infrastructure: Electric Energy Suppliers, Hydrogen Energy Suppliers, Energy Infrastructure, Intelligent Grid V2G, Electrical Cables, Connectors, Fast Charging Stations, Energy and Charging Systems, Charging Infrastructure, Hydrogen Fuel infrastructure, Communication Infrastructure

Batteries : Lithium Batteries, Lead-acid Batteries, Nickel Batteries(MH-Ni Battery), other batteries, Battery Management, Battery Charging Systems, Testing Systems, Capacitors, \Fuel Cell Technology, Fuel Cell Systems , Fuel Cell Management, Hydrogen Tank, Hydrogen Refueling, Battery Manufacturing Equipment, Testing Equipment, Raw Materials, Parts & Components, etc.;

Powertrain: General Motors, In-wheel Motor, Hybrid Engines, Cable Braider and Automotive Wiring, Drive Systems, Transmission, Braking Technology and Components, Other Powertrain Components, etc.;