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EVS34 Roundtable——Power Battery Technology.png

EVS34 Roundtable——Development Trend of Commercial Fuel Cell Vehicle.png

EVS34 Roundtable——Next Generation Power Electronics (SiC).png

EVS34 Roundtable-Technique and Product Innovation of Next Generation Powertrain for EV(poster)

EVS34—The Official Released of Group Standard “General Technical Specification for New Energy Vehicle Maintenance”.png

EVS34 Roundtable——Developing Direction of Electric Vehicles.png

EVS34 Roundtable——Technology Route Development of Electric Vehicles.png

EVS34 Roundtable——Principles and Dolicies for the Development of Electric Vehicles.png

EVS34 Special Session——Electric Vehicle Platform Architecture Technology Under Intelligent Change.png

EVS34 Special Session——High-performance, All-climate, New Business Models of Electric Commercial Vehicles.png

EVS34 Special Session——Electric Two-three Wheelers for Last-Mile MobilityDelivery.png

EVS34 Special Session——Innovation and Development of Electric Ship Under the Target of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization.png

EVS34 Special Session——Key Technologies and Prospects of Electric Aircraft in the New Era.png

EVS34 Special Session——Key Technologies for New Energy Rail Transit Vehicle Power System.png

EVS34 Special Session——Hydrogen Infrostructure.png

EVS34 Special Session——Smart Charging and Swapping,Charging and Swapping and Car-network Interaction.png

EVS34 Special Session——Future Development Opportunities of New Energy Vehicles and Smart Transportation.png

EVS34 Special Session——Digitization and Automotive Software.png

EVS34 Special Session——Opportunities and Challenges of Automotive Chips.png

EVS34 Special Session——Electromagnetic Compatibility.png

EVS34 Special Session——Environmental, Energy and Social Assessment.png

EVS34—2021 China-Germany New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Forum.png

EVS34 Technical Reports——Fault-tolerant Control of In-wheel permanent magnet motors.png

EVS34 Technical Reports——Technologies for High-Efficiency and Safe Management of Power Batteries.png

EVS34 Technical Reports——Research on the Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles.png

EVS34 Technical Reports——Key Techniques for Eco-Driving Control of Intelligent Connected Electric Vehicles.png








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